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Bedford Town

4 1

Crawley Green

  Half-time: (1-0)  
      Jamie HEADPlayer Image1
      Nathan OLUKANMIPlayer Image2
      Ben FORDPlayer Image3
      14 60m Ebby NELSON-ADDYPlayer Image4
      Brett LONGDENPlayer Image5
      Nuredin LILAJPlayer Image6
      Drew PHILLIPSPlayer Image7
      Callum DONNELLYPlayer Image8
      12 65m Connor CALCUTTPlayer Image9
      Connor TOMLINSONPlayer Image10
      16 69m Dan WALKERPlayer Image11
      9 65m Tom HITCHCOCKPlayer Image12
      4 60m Matty HARRIOTTPlayer Image14
      Louis HALLPlayer Image15
      11 69m Daniel OLAOYEPlayer Image16
      Sam AKINDEPlayer Image17
        Nathan ABBEYManager ImageM
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      1Player ImageGeorge ROSE
      2Player ImageGlenn COOKSLEY
      3Player ImageSam PEMBERTON
      4Player ImageAdam MARSH
      5Player ImageTyler INGHAM
      6Player ImageMichael DRAYCOTT
      7Player ImageJames YOUNGER15 85m 
      8Player ImageAlexandru MARIUS
      9Player ImageDanny WATSON
      10Player ImageBilly LOBJOIT
      11Player ImageReece GREEN
      12Player ImageJacob YOUNGER
      14Player ImageSpencer O'LEARY 
      15Player ImageLui SARRINGTON7 85m 
      16Player ImageMark BUNKER
      17Player ImageCraig MEYRICK
      MManager ImageCraig MEYRICK
      M2Manager ImageCraig BICKNELL