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Tuesday 7th January 2020

Dorset Senior Cup: Semi Final

The Avenue Stadium, Dorchester Attendance: 131

Dorchester Town

4 1

Wimborne Town

  Half-time: (2-0)  
    Nick HUTCHINGSPlayer Image1
    Jack TORNIAINENPlayer Image2
    Tiago SAPlayer Image3
    Neil MARTINPlayer Image4
    Franklyn CLARKEPlayer Image5
    Ben ROWTHORNPlayer Image6
    Luke WINSPERPlayer Image7
    Billy LOWESPlayer Image8
    Tom BATHPlayer Image9
    14 58m Oli LOWESPlayer Image10
    16 72m Tom BLAIRPlayer Image12
    Eder BATISTAPlayer Image11
    10 58m Jason BROOKESPlayer Image14
    Ben SYMESPlayer Image15
    12 72m Alfie TOLANDPlayer Image16
    Shane MURPHYPlayer Image20
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    1Player ImageLewis GUNSTONE-GRAY
    2Player ImageConnor DOE12 46m 
    3Player ImageJosh BUCK13 46m 
    4Player ImageHarry HELYAR
    5Player ImageSam POOLE
    6Player ImageFatah MAKHLOUFI
    7Player ImageJames STOKOE
    8Player ImageCurtis YOUNG
    9Player ImageAidan SHEPHERD
    10Player ImageLuke BURBRIDGE
    11Player ImageAntonio DIAZ
    12Player ImageBen MORGAN2 46m 
    14Player ImageRobbie BRADLEY 58m 
    15Player ImageAddwell CHIPANGURA
    16Player ImageWill PRIOR
    13Player ImageEdward PHILLIPS3 46m