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Tuesday 26th October 2021

The Southern League Cup: 1st Round

The SKYex Community Stadium, Hayes Attendance: 134

Hayes & Yeading United

1 0

Metropolitan Police

  Half-time: (0-0)  
    Tyla DICKINSONPlayer Image1
    Adam CASHPlayer Image2
    Jack CONNORSPlayer Image3
    Azeez ALABIPlayer Image4
    12 46m Liam MCDEVITTPlayer Image5
    Dinesh GILLELAPlayer Image6
    15 46m Romey MEODEDPlayer Image7
    Scott SHULTONPlayer Image8
    17 65m Afo SOYEMI-OLALADEPlayer Image9
    Hassan JALLOHPlayer Image10
    Shaquille HIPPOLYTE-PATRICKPlayer Image11
    5 46m Keano ROBINSONPlayer Image12
    7 46m Lanre LADIPOPlayer Image15
    Thomas PAYNEPlayer Image16
    9 65m Harley SELLSPlayer Image17
      Paul HUGHESManager ImageM
    1Player ImageAdam LONGMAN
    2Player ImageLewis TAYLOR
    3Player ImageKionte GILLFILLIAN-WAUL
    4Player ImageJosh KEEYA
    5Player ImageAlfie WALTERS
    6Player ImageArchie PARKS
    7Player ImageOliver BROWN12 73m 
    8Player ImageArchie VINCENT
    9Player ImageJack KNIGHT15 73m 
    10Player ImageRicky JOHNSON
    11Player ImageSalhin ABUBAKAR14 53m 
    12Player ImageMason GALLOWAY7 73m 
    14Player ImageShkyler BURROWES11 53m 
    15Player ImageJasper MATHER9 73m