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Chesham United

4 1

Metropolitan Police

  Half-time: (0-0)  

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    Sam BEASANTPlayer Image1
    Alison FERREIRA DE PAIVAPlayer Image2
    Kieran MURPHYPlayer Image3
    Mark KIRBYPlayer Image15
    Eoin CASEYPlayer Image5
    Roddy COLLINSPlayer Image6
    Bradley CLAYTONPlayer Image7
    Jordan GIBBONSPlayer Image8
    Jaden THOMPSON-BRISSETTPlayer Image9
    Zak JOSEPHPlayer Image10
    Shaquille HIPPOLYTE-PATRICKPlayer Image11
    Steve BROWNPlayer Image4
    Isaiah JONESPlayer Image12
    Malachy MCGOVERNPlayer Image14
    Lewis ROLFEPlayer Image16
     81m Ronny MFINDAPlayer Image17
      James DUNCANManager ImageM
     Michael MURRAYManager ImageM2
    1Player ImageLiam BEACH
    2Player ImageDavid TITOV15 62m 
    3Player ImageAlex FISHER
    4Player ImageOllie ROBINSON
    5Player ImageBernie TANNER
    6Player ImageRudy APPIAH-ALLEN
    7Player ImageOllie KNIGHT
    8Player ImageHerson ALVES16 83m 
    9Player ImageJack MAZZONE
    10Player ImageLiam FERDINAND
    11Player ImageJonathan HIPPOLYTE12 62m 
    12Player ImageSam DE ST CROIX11 62m 
    14Player ImageGeorge FRITH
    15Player ImageJasper MATHER2 62m 
    16Player ImageBayley MUMMERY8 83m 
    17Player ImageKionte GILLFILLIAN-WAUL