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Saturday 19th March 2022

Pitching In Southern League Premier Division South

Silver Jubilee Park, Kingsbury (London) Attendance: 261


1 2

Yate Town

  Half-time: (0-1)  

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Fred BURBIDGEPlayer Image1
Maurice NUGENTPlayer Image2
Tafari MOOREPlayer Image3
17 87m Kieron FORBESPlayer Image4
 90m Matthew HALLPlayer Image5
Quba GORDONPlayer Image6
Luca ALLINSONPlayer Image7
15 78m Sam CORCORANPlayer Image8
Joe WHITEPlayer Image9
Frank KEITAPlayer Image10
Eren KINALIPlayer Image11
Joshua OKOTCHAPlayer Image12
16 83m Jayden CLARKEPlayer Image14
8 78m Riccardo ALEXANDER-GREENAWAYPlayer Image15
14 83m Guram DEMURIAPlayer Image16
4 87m Hani BERCHICHEPlayer Image17
  Lee ALLINSONManager ImageM
1Player ImageAndrew HANNAH
2Player ImageSam TURL
3Player ImageWill TUNNICLIFF
4Player ImageJay ADAMS
5Player ImageLiam ANGEL
6Player ImageMatt BOWER
7Player ImageJoe TUMELTY15 88m 
8Player ImageAndy LEWIS
9Player ImageLuke HOPPER14 42m 
10Player ImageJames HARDING
11Player ImageRicardo REES
12Player ImageJoe HALL
14Player ImageOlly MEHEW9 42m 
15Player ImageSam KAMARA7 88m 
16Player ImageStuart FLEETWOOD