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Bryco Cup Draw

Monday 23 June 2003 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Two comments | Used tags: ,

The draw for the Bryco Cup has been made, and Aylesbury have been drawn away to Basingstoke Town in the Second Round. No date has yet been set for the tie.


Youth Team Trials

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The Youth Team will be holding trials on Sunday 29th June at 10.30am. Potential players interested in attending the trial and any subsequent training sessions should contact the club for details, as the trials will not be held at Buckingham Road. See the 'contacts' page for club contact details.


Club Wins Awards

Wednesday 18 June 2003 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News | One comment |

It had seemed that despite Aylesbury United's cup exploits during the past season there would be a lack of trophies to show for the team?s efforts. However this was remedied at the recent Annual Banquet and also the AGM of the Ryman League.

At the Annual Banquet the Club was presented with The Barry East Award For The Outstanding Achievement Of Season 2002/2003. This was followed at the AGM with the presentation of the shield for The Team Of The Month For April & May.

The team's efforts therefore in achieving an outstanding run in the FA Trophy and at the same time successfully maintaining their place in the Premier Division by negotiating a particularly hectic conclusion to the season, were marked with due commendation by the Ryman Football League.


Wimbledon Friendly Cancelled

Monday 16 June 2003 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment | Used tags: , ,

Wimbledon FC is unable to guarantee that it can fulfil the fixture scheduled for 12 July 2003. Accordingly the Club has decided to cancel the match.

We are currently trying to arrange a replacement home friendly - but not necessarily for that date.

The Club has issued a Press Release and Bill Carroll an e-mail to attempt to explain the reasoning behind its decision to agree to the fixture, but is still receiving critical correspondence. Much of the comment is completely ill-informed and unrealistic.

'FOR THE RECORD' Bill Carroll comments:-

I was NOT involved in the original decision to host the friendly against Wimbledon. That was made by STEVE CORDERY and our coaching staff. However, I did agree that in all the circumstances the match should be confirmed. As previously explained, AYLESBURY UNITED F.C. is not in the same position as other Clubs which apparently declined pre-season friendlies. We were placed in the position of having a First Division Club operating from a new base - a few miles away. Further, it is a Club with an award-winning Football-in-the-Community programme and a very successful junior development policy and Football Academy. All of these operations are due to move to Milton Keynes and, in fact, some of their coaches have already re-located and have, for the past winter, been operating Football-in-the-Community programmes in and around Milton Keynes. Peter Wright, in his capacity as an F.A. educator/assessor, has been called upon to carry out assessments on pupils attending some of their educational and coaching courses and under F.A. rules cannot unreasonably refuse. Our concern has been to reach an amicable agreement with Wimbledon F.C. on how we can both operate Football-in-the-Community and junior development programmes with the minimum of conflict and with clear lines of demarcation. Inevitably, in certain areas, this could lead to co-operation between the two operations.

Fans who believe that we should refuse to have anything to do with Wimbledon F.C. and to effectively declare war are being naive and unrealistic. They do not have the responsibility of managing this Club and striving to ensure that it has a viable future. A First Division Club, with its subsidised coaching schemes and junior Academy and the attraction it presents to parents of children invited to attend its courses, would almost certainly wipe-out our own programmes if it decided to expand into Aylesbury Vale. Aylesbury United, as it exists today, would then cease to exist.

It is not Aylesbury United's fault that the F.A. allowed the move or that the Football League, somewhat surprisingly, gave permission for a temporary home at the Hockey Stadium, nor that the Charity Commission and other bodies involved in the Hockey Stadium agreed to the arrangement. However, the end result is that Aylesbury United is the Club faced with a serious potential problem.

Again, as previously explained, the decision to play the pre-season friendly and to discuss areas of co-operation with Wimbledon F.C. in the sphere of junior development and Football-in-the-Community was made in the best interests of this Club. Whilst we can sympathise with disgruntled fans of other Clubs and especially of Wimbledon F.C. we cannot allow that to endanger our future.

There were no complaints about the loan deal which brought Lee Worgan to the Club (without whom we would now be playing in Division1) and I expected none if we repeated that loan next season or indeed took other young players on loan from Wimbledon. Are Wimbledon fans opposed to the proposal to pay a vast profit to the short-term owner of the Kingstonian F.C. Stadium? Are they not concerned that this will make it impossible for Kingstonian to have a viable future?

Even A.F.C. Wimbledon fans seem to accept this unsavoury, tacky transaction without protest - because it benefits (or is in the best interests of) the Club!

Again, for the record, I have not met Peter Winkleman nor indeed Charles Koppel. No discussions have been held as to A.U.F.C. being any sort of feeder Club to Wimbledon F.C. - beyond what has been explained above.

Surely, the underlying reason for Wimbledon?s problems is that it climbed too high in the League system for it's fan base. Other Clubs are currently paying the price for similar episodes but none started so low and climbe so high as Wimbledon. It was great while it lasted but eventually the fan base was not large enough to sustain the economics of a Premier (or even First Division) Club with a deteriorating stadium.


Further Press Release

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The full length press-release about Chris Boothe's appointment has been circulated by the club, and makes for some interesting reading.

New Manager

Steve Cordery received a better personal deal and the promise of a big budget to manage his local team and we understand his reasons for resigning and do not criticise him. However, the Directors were totally unprepared for this. We had only just agreed with Steve which players would have their contracts renewed, which would be invited to continue on a non-contract basis and the possible targets to add to the squad. We were expecting a period of stability with a Manager who would continue our policy of developing young players.

In these circumstances we decided that we did not want a Manager from the usual merry-go-round of change at the end of each season, most of whom have not produced any lasting success and who would want to bring with them their favourite players from their last team.

It was fairly easy, therefore, to produce a short list of two. One who had performed an impressive rescue act last season on a small budget and the other a new, would-be manager.

We are delighted that Chris Boothe has accepted the job. Having checked around it was confirmed that he is widely respected by fellow players and has the enthusiasm and the determination to succeed, on his own terms. He has the added advantage of having a good knowledge of our First Team and Reserve Team squads.

Chris believes that new people should be given a chance to break into management and in this case, given his personal qualities, we agree.

He is willing to continue the policy of developing young players and with his current contacts should not have difficulty in attracting the senior players necessary to augment and to support this policy. He will appoint an assistant, probably a player-assistant, very shortly.


Chris Boothe Press Conference

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Today saw the Press Conference to unveil Chris Boothe take place at the club, with director Brian McCarthy in attendance. After a short speech from both he and Chris Boothe, the floor were given the opportunity to quiz the new boss. His responses are summarised briefly here:

What was your reaction when you were offered the job?
Total shock! It's such a great opportunity for me at this stage of my career, and something I was never going to pass by.

What would you say to those questioning your inexperience?
Everybody has to start somewhere, and the club have shown faith in me. I am currently in the process of organising an assistant manager and coach, you will hopefully help me along the way.

A number of fans have reacted badly at your appointment. Do you have anything to say to them?
I will try to do the best I can here, and hope that people can see that. I can understand the reactions of some fans, but what I will say is get behind the team. With the support of everyone around me, supporters, players and directors, we will have a good season.

My message to the fans is for the sake of the players be patient with us, and understand that it will take time for changes to be made. Players don't ask for the manager to be changed. A change in management usually has an unsettling effect on the squad, but we are looking to get things back on track now. We will need some time to define how we play, but we are all aiming for the same thing - success.

What are your thoughts on last season's squad?
It was generally very impressive, but as with every squad there is room for improvement. I want to build as strong a squad as possible, and if the right players are available then I'll bring them in.

I have spoken over the phone to a number of players already, but as it's the Summer a lot are away on holiday or whatever. We have seven players contracted for next season, and a number have agreed to stay as well. We're in good shape, but there'll be new faces as well.

Have you got any specific players in mind that you are targeting?
There are lots of players floating around at the moment, with the game in its current state. But I do have 1 or 2 definite targets, and I'm talking to a few others. If the conditions are right, I'll bring them in.

Will Craig Maskell be staying?
At the moment I don't know...It's really down to Craig, so the best person to ask is him.

What sort of football do you see us playing next season?
Obviously I'd love us to be playing a Brazilian short passing game, and scoring goals for fun. Unfortunately we have to be realistic. Once we have a squad assembled, I will work out our strengths and weaknesses and assess our playing style. I will be looking for a balance between defence and attack though, as every team needs that.

Are you happy with your budget for next season?
I have spoken to the board regarding how much money is available, and know what I have to work with. It's a realistic budget for Aylesbury United, in the current climate of the game.

Will you be playing next season?
I will register, and hopefully solve last season's goalscoring problems! No, I will be taking a backseat in terms of playing, but will be available if necessary.

How near to appointing an assistant are you?
I have a few people in mind, and have been talking to a couple. We should be able to let people know in a week or two. I will say that it's likely to be a player/assistant though.

What is your ambition for next season?
My ambition is to win the league, FA Trophy and County Cup! But seriously, to win every game is our top priority. The reality is that we'll win some, lose some and draw some. As long as we give 100% and get the best result we can, then I'll be delighted.

Are there any games you're particurlarly looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to every game, I can't wait for the new season! A few games will be special as I'll come up against managers I've played for, Sutton and Hayes, as well as playing against former team-mates. But the season as a whole should be good.

What do you think about the overrall setup here at the club?
In terms of the setup there can't be too many better setups around. The club's facilities and training facilities are excellent. There is an excellent infastructure at the club, and a good progression of players from youth to reserve to senior sides.

I have spoken to Peter Remnant (Reserve Team manager) and Jerry Dimond (Youth Team manager) and am very pleased with how the two sides worked last season, and hope this continues for next year. We all have to work closely together, and I will be looking to utilise the teams next season.


Day Earns New Deal

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Ex-Duck Chris Day, who played here on loan from QPR last season, has earned himself a new deal with the Rs. Day has been in superb form following his return to the Londoners, and has been rewarded accordingly with a new two-year contract.


New Manager

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The club have today announced the name of the new manager - CHRIS BOOTHE. Chris was an established player for many seasons in the Ryman League, and represented a number of clubs. Of course, he played for the Ducks during our promotion season as well as re-appearing as emergency cover in 2002/03.

There will be an opportunity to meet with Chris at a Press Conference which will be held at the club on Tuesday 10th June commencing at 1.00pm