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Club Statement

Monday 29 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Ten comments |

AYLESBURY UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB are to remain in Aylesbury due to the generosity of Aylesbury Vale Football Club and Aylesbury Vale District Council, and moreover we will play in the Southern League. However this will require a huge effort to bring the Haywood Way ground up to the Southern League grading.

Following an inspection last week, by the Southern League, they have outlined their requirements and stated that the work has to be carried out within 6 weeks. This is a concession on their part as ordinarily the work would normally be expected to be complete by April 1st. The league is fully aware of our situation, and is doing everything in its power to encourage and help the Club achieve its goal of continuing to play a high standard of football in Aylesbury. Over the last few months both Graham Read and I have met with Bill Harrison, Jon Franklin and Tony Massella of Aylesbury Vale FC, to consider a mutual way forward for both Clubs.

The circumstances that we find ourselves in have meant that we have had to move quickly to secure a ground share arrangement. Through our various meeting we have found that we share a common goal - in wanting to create a community club for all the people of Aylesbury. With this in mind we believe that an amalgamation of our two clubs under the Aylesbury United banner is the best way forward for us all.

Our immediate priority however is to get the ground up to the required standard in the short time span, there is a considerable amount of work going on behind the scenes, but we need lots of help and support.

We are calling on the good people of Aylesbury to help with this project. A ground force weekend has been organised for 17th & 18th June at Haywood Way. We need to get as many people as possible down to the ground to help out in anyway they can, so please spread the word.

We are also looking towards companies to offer any help and assistance they can; at this time we require transport to move various items from Buckingham Road, turnstiles, tunnel etc. We have to install tempory stands, seating, toilets, concrete hard surface and work on the perimeter fence.

If anyone knows of companies that could help provide any equipment or provide funding (by way of sponsorship), please let us know, it all helps. Our supporters have always been great at coming forward for our previous ground force days or when the Club has needed help, never has there been a time when we have needed their support more than now.

For more information on how you can help please contact the Club secretary, Chris Dann on 07890 524397 or email

John Newman
Vice Chairman, AUFC

Graham Read's Latest Interview

Saturday 27 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Two comments |

Once again Alistair Maclaren has interviewed Graham Read to get the latest news from the club.

When you start running the new club set up will you respond to the opinion of the fans?

Of course, but only when it's sensible, practical and for the good of the club in general.

It has been said that the shares are expensive at ?100 per share, I thought that it would be better if the club had a greater amount of shares at a lower price, e.g. ten times the number

In the companies M&R's. We have a 1000 x ?1 shares. So in fact the shares actual cost is ?1. We've added a 'Premium' price of ?99 = ?100.

Currently the company is valued at least, say ?10k, so each shares true value is ?10. The figure of ?100 was set by the committee in response to the large number of enquiries we had received in a short space of time.

Another comment on the message board indicates that the actual share value could be less than a ?100 but the extra money involved is a loan to help set up the club, is that how it works?

No it is not a loan, more of a pledge/donation. It is too long winded to try an explain the share dealing of companies, and the procedure of raising funds and issuing shares.

What can people expect for their investment in the club?

It is not an investment at all. It will go to help finance the club in the short term. A club that is properly run should never make money. Any profits should be ploughed back into the club making it bigger, stronger and more successful.

It has been asked how many (49%) shares are available to the fans, also is it correct to assume that the real purpose is to give the football club financial support?

100% of the shares are available, but at least 51% (collectively) of them must be held by the 'sitting' committee.

I understand from the Bill Carroll interview in the Bucks Herald that the football club was sold for ?10,000, is that correct and did that include taking on any debts that the club had?

Correct. No debts. All footballing debts have / will be cleared.

Buying the football club for ?10,000, as apposed to starting a new club would have the benefit of starting in the Southern League rather than much lower.

Hopefully it would have done, but we still have to fight our corner with the Southern League with regards to where we are going to play.

Could you give more details of how the cost of the shares, and number was calculated, and why at ?100 a share?

We are trying to raise approx. ?100k from selling shares. This will give us a playing budget, cash flow, a ?10k deposit to the Southern League (ground share bond) plus other business start up costs and still leave us with a few quid in the bank.

I am also aware that ?100 per share may be a little excessive, but local business are not put off with this amount and as shareholders, they might even decide to do a bit of sponsorship as well.

Another question that has been put forward are the committee going to increase the playing budget for next season to make sure that we stay in the Southern League Division one, or will you use more local talent at a lower budget?

I would like to think the budget available for the forthcoming season is more than adequate to get us out of Div 1, not keep us in it! And Yes we will be looking at a lot of local players during the close season.

It has been asked where will the funding of the new club come from, can the supporters help in any way?

I have currently funded the early stages of the deal. Yes the supporters and local business can now show there support by buying shares.

A number of fans are not happy about the prospect of the team training at Buckingham Road, it has been said that the committee should cut ant involvement with Bill Carroll.

We have been offered training facilities (free of charge) at Buckingham Road, currently we have no where to train (apart from Aylesbury Vale) This could be an option. The committee will decide what's best for the team.

If the club did use Buckingham Road as a training facility would it be your ambition to eventually own the Stadium?

I would still like to buy Buckingham Road, Bill Carroll and his consortium have not finalised any plans for the Soccer Centre yet.

If he does decide not to proceed, we shall certainly be asking the question.

Bill Carroll said that he will sponsor the football club when he has got his facilities set up, do you see that happening with the adverse fan response

He said he would, but we haven't told him how much it will cost him. Yet!!

Bill Carroll has suffered a lot of abuse since his involvement with the club, are you surprised that he did not let the club go broke and do you have sympathy for him after what he has gone through?

Yes very! But he did keep his word. Over 12 mouths ago he said if was to sell the club, it would be to us.

It has been suggested that you should chair an open forum so that you will be able to judge what support you and the committee have from the fans.

Yes. I think this is not to far away. More details to follow.

Aylesbury United Share Issue

Monday 22 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | One comment |

Following last night's committee meeting, Aylesbury United are pleased to announce details of a share issue.

This is an opportunity for fans and local businesses alike to support the club in exiting new times by owning a part of Aylesbury United.

Shares are now available for general sale, at a price of ?100 each. They can be purchased by individuals or companies, and multiple shares can be bought.

Each shareholder will receive their formal share certificate, in addition to voting rights at the company's AGM - one vote for each share.

Interested parties should remember that purchasing a share in Aylesbury United is a pledge of support, and not a financial investment.

The shares are available immediately, so to express an interest please contact Brian Metcalfe on 01707 323421, or e-mail

Club Looking For First Team Manager

Sunday 21 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | One comment |

With Aylesbury United entering exciting new times, the club are looking to appoint a First Team manager.

The position would suit a dedicated individual who has the passion and desire to succeed at a club with limited resources, but with a strong fanbase and good community links.

For further details, or to apply, please get in touch via e-mail at

Review Of The Season

Tuesday 16 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | One comment |

Our review of another eventful campaign in Aylesbury United's history, the 2005/06 season, is now available to read below.

Relieve the key moments over the last 10 months, from the 'oh so close' FA Cup run, to the emergence of Aston Goss, to the club's third relegation of their history.

Click the link below to read all about it.

Click here: Season Review

Club Ownership Changes Hands

Monday 15 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Two comments |

The club's ownership has, in the last few minutes, changed out of the hands of Bill Carroll, the new committee of Aylesbury United are delighted to announce.

From this point on the club is under control of a brand new committee, full details of which can be found on the updated Club Info page.

The committee have vowed that never again will one person be solely in control of the club. 51% of the shares are now controlled by the club committee; the remaining 49% will be available for general sale in order to raise some early funds for the forthcoming season.

The newly reformed Reserve Team, as well as the existing Youth setup will go a long way in providing future players for the club. We anticipate the Reserves to be playing Suburban League football.

Also onboard are the hugely successful Ladies section, who, perhaps unfortunately with a 50+ goal striker in the ranks, can't provide us future stars, remain an integral part of the club.

What we need now is the complete support of the fans. We intend to be as open and frank with the news as possible throughout the summer, please support us through these exciting, but challenging times.

Further news, particularly regarding our playing location next season, to follow as soon as possible.

More From Graham Read

Friday 12 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Graham Read gives his latest views following Bill Carroll's departure from the club, in conversation once more with Alistair MacLaren.

These features are expected to be ongoing and regular throughout the summer as we attempt to keep fans in touch with the latest developments.

Bill Carroll quit the club earlier this week, was it a surprise for you, also what is your reaction to such an event?

No, not at all, could be good, could be bad!

Reading Bill Carroll?s statement, he says that the football club will have debts which he will not clear and they will have no lease for use of the ground. Does this mean that the club will come to an end, or perhaps drop to a lower level and use another ground?

The Club does have debts, but could be managed. With regards to the lease, it has already been 'Breached'. Any non further payment of rent would mean that the landlords (Verada) could evict us.

The Club will not die. Currently we have to explore all avenues with regards to Leagues and Grounds. We have to take the best option for the fans, because if there was ever a time we needed them it's now!

Following Bill Carroll?s resignation from the club do you and your board have any continuancy plans to keep the club going in the future?

Yes we have been working for a number of weeks on several ideas.

The Aylesbury United Supporters Trust are very concerned about the future of the club, as we all are, do you think that the club will make it into the Southern League Division 1 next season, also where will we play our home games?

The new League structure has just been announced. This will have to be considered, and then we can decide where we would like to play.

Is it Bill Carroll?s intention to carry on with his development plans for the Stadium, if not he would need to rent out the current set up to get income, if so we would no doubt be able to continue using the facilities?

No. I believe this could be the end of the road for the Ducks playing at Buckingham Road. Bill Carroll will still go ahead with the Soccer Centre.

In the statement he seems to blame the 21st Centaury Ducks for some of the debts, season 2003-04, do you agree with that comment?

No I can't agree with the losses.

Bill Carroll says that he has advertised the club but not received a serious offer, there was talk of an offer earlier this season that was rejected, also I had heard that there had been other offers which were rejected, is that comment made by him correct, or have offers been made?

Yes. Informal offers have been made over the past 12 months, but to my knowledge no serious offer in writing had been received. I know of two offers being rejected.

The first offer mentioned in the last question led to a comment that the ownership of the ground had been checked and it was stated that Bill Carroll was the owner, was that correct?

One person did do a 'in-depth' check on Bill Carroll.

Bill Carroll has stated that he has worked very hard towards the proposed facilities at the stadium and had very little support from the fans, do you agree?

Yes extremely hard. But more for the benefit of the Soccer Centre that than the Football club.

Bill Carroll said that getting the new project arranged has cost him ?30,000, also that new development was only a simple change of surface no building being done, is it all correct, I thought that there was going to be a new building on the site?

Yes that's correct, it became quite involved in the end (Highways, Planners, Environment Agency, Neighbours objecting Etc.)

As said before the club will lose it?s lease to the ground, can?t afford it anyway, and has debt?s to pay. Does this mean that the club will come to and end of it?s life, or do you have other plans in mind?

Already answered part one. And Yes, we have do have a plan.

Going back to the manager situation, and Paul Gascoigne, reading the Bucks Herald it would seem that he has applied for the job, is that true, also do you have anyone in mind?

We have a number of applications to be considered.

The two Stevenage players, Gary Schillachi and Kieron Deane, have been released, and Luke Graham released by Northampton, is there any chance that we can sign any of them after what?s happened.

They would be most welcome, but having said that the budget and league we play in will dictate.

You said on Monday that Tony Joyce was interested in a role with the club, he has now become manager of Buckingham Town. Is that a big disappointment?

Yes, but that's football. I wish him luck.

After all that has been said, will the plans for the Stadium go ahead?


League Structure Confirmed

Thursday 11 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Ten comments |

Following recommendations from the Alliance yesterday, the FA have this morning announced the intended league structures of the non-league pyramid.

Therefore, Aylesbury United will next season play in the Southern League Division One Midlands Section.

The full line-up of the 22 team league is as follows:

Southern League Division One Midlands

Aylesbury United FC
Barton Rovers FC
Bedworth United FC
Berkhamsted Town FC
Bishop's Cleeve FC
Brackley Town FC
Bromsgrove Rovers FC
Chasetown FC
Cinderford Town FC
Dunstable Town FC
Evesham United FC
Leighton Town FC
Malvern Town FC
Rothwell Town FC
Rushall Olympic FC
Solihull Borough FC
Spalding United FC
Stourbridge FC
Stourport Swifts FC
Sutton Coldfield FC
Woodford United FC
Willenhall Town FC

The Latest Graham Read Interview

Wednesday 10 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Alistair MacLaren has again been talking with club director Graham Read. Please note however, this interview took place before Bill Carroll's recent announcement.

Were you surprised that Neil Trebble quit the club in the way that he did? Also do you agree with the statement made by Bill Carroll, or the response on the message board from Neil Trebble?

Yes it did come as a shock. Bill Carroll?s statement was a bit harsh but to the point, I have not seen Neil Trebble?s response.

After reading Bill Carroll?s statement and Neil Trebble?s response what is the truth, I had heard that he (Gary Schillachi) was injured and would miss the rest of the season, but Bill Carroll had a different view, he said that Neil Trebble failed to sign him before the 31st March so he was unable to play.

I don?t really know, there was an admin hick up, but yes, he was injured.

How many training sessions did Neil Trebble miss, and then who ran the sessions?

Probably missed more than attended, but there was a reason, he wanted to use the pitch for some 'Set piece' moves but it was not always available.

Is it true that Bill Carroll wanted Neil Trebble to go after the Hitchin game?


Is it true that Neil Trebble had to change his player methods at your advice, rather than keep bringing in players use the local young players that we had?

Yes after the Gloucester City game.

Reading the statements, Neil Trebble said there was a Board Meeting on Wednesday 26th April, Bill Carroll said there wasn?t, who is correct?

here was a meeting in the afternoon between Bill Carroll and myself, but not a Board Meeting.

Do you have a new manager in mind?

Not yet, but we have had some interesting applications already.

Is it possible that Tony Joyce would be willing to be involved with the club in some way? Some of the fans were disappointed that he left.

Yes he has shown an interest, and is in the frame.

Is there any chance that Paul Gascoigne could be our next manager, apparently something was said in the NLP?

It?s just a rumour, I did have a call from the NLP but I don?t know any more. In the event that could happen I think that we would need the opinion of the fans.

What about Matt Hayward as player manager?

It?s an option but not yet, hopefully he will play for us for another two seasons. It has to be said that he did work well with Tony Joyce.

Will the club wait until the FA and Southern League approve the artificial pitch before going ahead with the new facilities?

No the work has got to start this summer. The pitch was rejected at the last Southern League Board Meeting, and the FA have rejected it. It will be brought up again at the Southern League AGM on the 24th June. The Northern League which is equivalent to the Southern League do allow this type of pitch, there is a type of alliance with the Southern, Ryman and Northern Leagues. Bill Carroll will also be involved with the national press to promote and lobby the FA into accepting the new pitch.

You have approached the Aylesbury Vale FC about us ground sharing with them while the work is going on at our stadium. The Southern League would not have accepted the Aylesbury Vale pitch had they got promotion into the Southern League Div 1, will the Southern League allow us to use that ground if we are ground sharing with the Aylesbury Vale?

No we would not be allowed to play any league games there.

What will happen next season if the new ground alterations and pitch are not completed at the start of the season, and we are still in the Southern League?

It is intended to try and play all the early matches away, should the league still not accept the new pitch, we will have to ground share elsewhere for League games, may be Leighton Town or at Tring.

A fan has asked a question about the new facilities, how much will it cost? and how long before a profit will show?

The whole project will cost about ?600,000, it is expected that a profit will start to be made in year two.

Another fan has asked some questions about the future of the club. How will it be financed, and how will you increase the player?s budget. How will you attract more support. Are there any plans for the football club to buy the ground, or is it better to rent the ground?

Give 7-10 days and I'll get back to you with an answer.

Another fan question, are you interested in supporting a new venture if need be, i.e. setting up a new football club?

Yes of course, but only in the name of Aylesbury United Football Club.

I know that you want to set up a reserve team for next season, what are the propects?

Very good.

Will you encourage the manager to talk to the fans via the web site?

Yes, It will be part of his remit. Also I welcome your contact and the opportunity to keep the fans informed.

Finally is it true that you are also known as Bill Read.

Yes I'm also known as Bill, a nickname from many years ago.

Carroll Ends Involvement With Club

Tuesday 09 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Bill Carroll has released a statement outlining his intention to end his involvement with the club. The statement reads as follows:

I am ending my direct association with the Club - the attached Press Release, which is going National, explains the main reasons. Once again, the FA has let down lower league clubs and the future of grass roots soccer.

I also clarify (yet again) a few issues:-

a) I am heartily tired of fans alleging that I am either taking money out of the Club or have been working to destroy it. There have been several occasions when I could have let the Club go broke ? if that is what I wanted, so why would I have kept pouring money in to save it?
b) Every time I have let others run the Club, including the 2003/4 season and the season when the fans via 21CD were involved the Club finished with large losses and increased debt.
The year in which 21CD were involved unfortunately was the most disastrous ever, producing a huge trading loss. I say unfortunately because in principle I welcomed their involvement.
c) I have publicly advertised the Club for sale but have not received one serious offer. So, I have not refused offers!
d) I tried to produce a local fund to acquire the Stadium site which would have helped to sell the Club ? that initiative failed.

It is now impossible to run a semi-pro club from an expensive stadium - especially with the small fan base it now has. Witness other clubs, Thame United, Chesham, Aylesbury Vale, and Berkhamsted ? just to mention our region.

Clubs can only last so long with a ?sugar daddy? and must at some stage be the product of local fans and supporters ? the most recent example is Canvey Island FC and before that Hornchurch FC

We know the answers:-
- a new income stream from all weather surfaces and new training facilities
- a detailed 5 year Junior Development Plan to produce a locally based team and to build a new supporter base.

I have worked extremely hard to produce these solutions, but the general lack of support from fans and the Town in general has been extremely disappointing. Some local opposition from neighbours to my plans but not much public vocal support for a great new facility which would have safeguarded the future. How many have come forward to help? A petition etc from fans supporting the planning application would have been helpful and encouraging, but only some 15 fans turned up in December to hear details of these plans (and a full explanation of the Club finances).

Graham and John, with help from Richard Shepherd, have produced non-football income on budget for this season but the fans have not produced the budgeted gate income. Result ? smaller playing budgets and year end debt. Obviously, we cannot expect fans to continue to attend matches if the product is poor ? but for this one key season it was hoped that fans would rally around the Club and produce the required gate income. Failure to maintain our league position (by one victory) is a massive double blow.

A few volunteers have bust a gut to keep the Club going, e.g. Ken Turnbull, Chris Dann, and Ron Schmidt, backing the long hours put in by Pete Ash and Di Miles ? but it is simply not enough!

The planning process for the change of pitch surface has cost me some ?30,000 and taken its toll on me in terms of stress. It is not the Council?s fault, but the process has been crazy - a full planning process eventually lasting six months for basically a simple change in surface. We are not building anything!

An earlier resolution of this issue may have left me with enough time to work on the FA and the Southern League to produce a more favourable response. The Southern League seem to think that there is a chance of a different result next year but the problems are here and now.

Now the Club will lose its lease to the Stadium (which, in any case, it cannot afford) and has debts which must be paid off if it is to survive. I will not be around to bail out the club this time.

Artificial Pitch Rejected By Football Association

Tuesday 09 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Two comments |

In common with many, if not most, lower Non-League Clubs, Aylesbury United FC faces increasing financial problems each season. The National Lottery killed off the Club?s own very successful lottery scheme some years ago. Intensification of live games on television has dramatically affected gate numbers especially in mid-week but now also on Saturdays. No direct compensation is available for either of these problems.

Clubs such as Aylesbury United are a key cog in the delivery of ?grass roots? football with Football in the Community Schemes, Education Programmes and area Junior Development Schemes.

Apart from financial constraints this Club has had its own First Team development and its grass roots programmes severely hampered by lack of facilities, especially all-weather floodlight pitches for winter training. An area with 75000+ population has no modern floodlight facilities. An answer seemed to be in sight with the approval by EUFA and FIFA in (in Oct 2004) for certain ?3rd Generation rubber crumb? pitches, after a three year trial.

The English FA subsequently issued its own specification list for the use of such pitches.

Since early in 2005 Aylesbury United has researched the issue very thoroughly and decided to install the very latest in artificial pitch technology. This required a major investment but this risk capital finance has been secured.

The chosen pitch is totally different and far superior to one approved and in use by one club in the Unibond League and similar to a surface currently being installed by Durham City FC. After receiving planning consent from the local District Council in April 2006 the Club was ready to proceed this summer. The result would be a pitch which would accommodate more training and coaching sessions for the Club, for other local clubs- especially junior clubs - and a new Club Scholarship Scheme in partnership with a local Sports College. Thus training and coaching restrictions would largely be removed whilst an exciting modern facility for the local community would be produced together with a vital new and secure income stream to guarantee the future of the Club.

A five year development plan, to significantly increase the numbers of boys and girls playing soccer in the district, also aimed at improving playing skills and the ultimate production of a first team for the club based almost totally on local players graduating from these schemes. This plan has now been destroyed by the decision of the Southern League to not grant consent for the Club to play its league matches on the proposed pitch.

To be fair to the Southern League they are not experts in this area and sought guidance from the Football Association. No such guidance was given. The FA Cup Committee was recently asked to approve the playing of preliminary FA Cup ties, up to the First Round Proper, on such pitches, that Committee rejected the proposal and it is that rejection which has influenced the Board of the Southern League.

However, the disappointing aspect of the Southern League?s decision is that this was also based partly on the basis of assumed delays in the installation of the new pitch and a mistaken belief that an inferior construction of the sub-base would underlay that pitch. The Chairman of AUFC had asked to attend a Board meeting so that he could explain in detail the design, the funding and the time-table but no invitation was forthcoming.

The Southern League believes that these pitches will come to non- league football and ?everyone will have them in 10 years time? ? but most non-league clubs will not be around in 10 years time - except for clubs in the Northern Leagues which have approved the use of these pitches.

The absurd situation is that some major clubs in Europe will be playing Championship League matches on similar pitches next winter but lower non-league games in England cannot be staged! Meanwhile FA Cup games can be played on any piece of rough pasture land but not on superb modern pitches. First Division clubs in Ireland can use these pitches. Meanwhile the Ladies FA Cup Committee has approved the use of such pitches.

EUFA and FIFA have issued detailed guidelines and specifications, as has the FA, but the Board of Directors of the FA seemingly are not able to issue a directive to its Cup Committees or to the National League Committee to approve pitches which meet these carefully produced criteria. As a result Aylesbury United FC, after 110 years, probably has no future and many similar clubs will similarly disappear.

In case it is thought that there are funds available from bodies such as the Football Foundation and Sport England to help lower league clubs it should be noted that, apart from this being a long and tortuous process, there is a presumption against helping semi-professional clubs. There is a mistaken assumption that such clubs are ?commercial? operations when in fact mostly they are amateur entities run by part-timers who put money in rather than take money out. The only qualification is that First Team players receive some monetary compensation. These clubs are capable of providing skilled coaching at grass roots level on a more efficient basis than is generally the case under programmes such as produced by Sports Active. Our fear is that in three years time not only will there be far fewer non league clubs but the whole process of producing young players with enhanced skill will be found to be deeply flawed.

Ducks Approach Aylesbury Vale

Tuesday 02 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Aylesbury United have made an 'informal approach' to play at Aylesbury Vale in a short-term groundshare arrangement.

Such a deal would see the Ducks begin the 2006/07 season as tenants of the Haywood Way club, whilst Buckingham Road undergoes installation of a new artificial pitch, and remain tenants of Vale as long as necessary.

With completion of United's stadium developments not expected to be completed until last August at the earliest, the Ducks need to have contingency plans in place for opening season fixtures.

Aylesbury Vale's committee are expected to consider the approach at a meeting in the next couple of weeks, after which a decision will be made.

Ladies Team Secure Promotion

Tuesday 02 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Aylesbury United Ladies secured their first ever promotion on Sunday with a tense 1-0 win at Oxfam Athletic.

The dramatic winning goal came midway through the second half, through top scorer Nicola Hunt.

United's promotion means they will move up to the Thames Counties Division One next season, just rewards for an excellent campaign.

Click here: Ladies Report

Thanks From Read and Newman

Tuesday 02 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Two comments |

Graham Read and John Newman would like to extend their sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who has contributed to Aylesbury United this season.

They would like to applaud everyone who has given something to the club, all volunteers, players, staff and supporters and hope to see you back with the Ducks next season.

Neil Trebble Press Release

Tuesday 02 May 2006 - 12:00 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Two comments |

Neil Trebble continued his short track record of unprofessional conduct by, firstly, not contacting players to ensure that there was a squad available for the last game of the season and, secondly, by texting Graham Read very late on Friday evening advising that he would not be at the game having previously said that he was going direct. Graham and John Newman, having been dropped in the mire, managed to contact all players, accompanied them to the game and managed them to probably the best performance of the season.

I keep distant from First Team affairs but my reccomendation to Graham was that Trebble be fired after the Hitchin game. The man cannot control his temper, rules players by fear, and has no administrative or organisational skills. Typified by his failure to register Gary Schillachi by 31st March in spite of reminders. He proceeded to frequently miss training sessions and to arrive at the Bedford game minutes before kick off without contacting anyone with his team selection.

The comments made in last week's Bucks Herald are the signs of someone seeking to blame everyone but himself for the Club's relegation. The only disharmony at the club has been that created by him. I had no relationship with him as he did not return phone calls and did not turn up for meetings. His appointment as manager was based partly on him producing a rental income to the club of ?500 a week which was to be used to top up the playing budget. That never happened and the club (once again) finished the season with debts larger than budgeted, whilst having to suffer a mortifying relegation.

If he had settled, at an early stage, on the squad eventually produced at Graham's insistence instead of churning journeyman players from other clubs the commitment of that squad, built around local and young players, would have gained the extra victory needed to avoid relegation.

Graham has been badly let down by Trebble's behaviour and actions whilst I have worked long and hard this winter producing a combined business and football development plan to ensure the future of this club. This relegation deals a big blow to these plans part of which are based on playing at a high enough level to attract top class junior and youth players to our development schemes particularly via the scholarship college scheme.

There was no board meeting last week to discuss Trebble's future (I don't know where Trebble got that idea from) we needed to see our way forward first - but by telephone I agreed with Graham on Sunday that he should notify Neil Trebble that he is not part of our future.

WJ Carroll