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Ducks To Remain in Midlands Division

Friday 29 May 2009 - 6:56 pm | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | One comment |

Aylesbury United will once again play in the Southern League Division One Midlands next season after the league constitutions were annonced by the FA.

There will be some familiar new faces in the division for United, with old rivals Hitchin Town and Slough Town relegated and switched respectively, plus the introduction of other local sides Beaconsfield SYCOB and Burnham.

The only team removed from the division are Chasetown who have been placed into the Unibond League.

Southern League fixtures will be released on the 14th July.

The full league line-up is as follows:

AFC Sudbury
Arlesey Town
Atherstone Town
Aylesbury United
Barton Rovers
Beaconsfield SYCOB
Bedworth United
Biggleswade Town
Bromsgrove Rovers
Bury Town
Chesham United
Hitchin Town
Leighton Town
Rothwell Town
Slough Town
Soham Town Rangers
Stourport Swifts
Sutton Coldfield Town
Woodford United


Latest Statement From Aylesbury United

Monday 25 May 2009 - 8:15 pm | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Firstly I must congratulate the new consortium on forming Aylesbury FC. On behalf of the people of Aylesbury.

Aylesbury certainly does need a club that’s playing in its home town. I have no axe to grind with the people that run the ‘Vale’ but it is really a case of ‘Same meat different gravy!

Secondly; why are we not part of it?

Answer: We were not asked!

I would not have objected to any meetings or discussions with the new consortium / committee to discuss their future plans.

At no time have I been asked by anybody to sit down and discuss the future of Aylesbury football, the formation of a new club, a merger or offers of any ground share.

So let me explain what actually WAS going to happen.

Like I said, no one from Aylesbury Vale, nor either Jon Franklin or Roger Dance or others attempted to make an official, or for that matter an unofficial approach to me regards to being part of a new club.

In early March Jon Franklin made an offer to buy the club from me.

This was ‘their’ first move. The committee and I were becoming aware and suspicious of Mark Eaton’s movements, actions and questioning.

The phone calls from Jon persisted, the offer increased! I thought to myself that selling out to Jon Franklin and his backers would be the best move to take Aylesbury United forward and in principle agreed to an offer, subject to crossing the ‘t’ s and dotting the ‘I’s.

I would sell a number of my shares to him, providing we could come to an agreement on the future of AUFC. At no time during these conversations did Jon make his intentions clear or even mention the birth of a new club.

Then in steps Roger Dance who I spoke to on a couple of occasions. He confirmed exactly what they wanted, and what their intentions were ….Buy AUFC Ltd. And KILL it off immediately! Shafting both the Southern league, Leighton Town, our supporters the committee, and more importantly you!

Dissolving of the club was later confirmed in phone calls by Jon Franklin and Mark Eaton with them both still urging me to ‘sell’ for the benefit of Aylesbury football.

I won’t go into detail, but this new consortium had done their homework. They contacted the Southern league to check we had a ‘Bond’ in place; they rang Leighton Town Football Club to see if a 'Ground share agreement' was in place. And tapped up members of our committee for confidential information. (These members are no longer with us).

Then there was Mark’s reactions, he may have ‘Ripped the heart out of the club’ destroying all the good work that’s been put in over a number of seasons by himself and the coaching staff by encouraging the players to join him next season. I’m also lead to believe that conversations with players were taking place during our current playing season.

Although the company Mark works for was the club’s main sponsor, the contribution amounted to less than 50% of the playing budget. Finances will be tight next season; we will have a reduced playing budget, but still believe we can field a competitive side.

The ‘scheming and plotting’ that’s being going on since early March by certain individuals has been totally underhanded and delivered with sheer arrogance and total disrespect to the supporters, committee and the history of AUFC.

So in short they were desperate for me to sell to enable them to proceed unhindered.

Personally I could not allow this sale to go ahead, so took no further part in negotiations to sell the club.

I will make my intentions quite clear again. I’m not adverse to a ground share or amalgamation providing it’s conducted in a proper manor. But one thing is for sure, when I sell my controlling share of AUFC, it will be to the supporter’s trust 21CD, where I know the future of the club will be safe.

We do have a long term plan. We did step back, looked at ourselves, our current plight and discussed dropping a league. We are committed to the Southern league for the forthcoming season and will meet our commitments.

We will review our position in December with regards to next season. Our decision will depend on your support, our finances and how we are doing in the league, to where we will be next season.

In the meantime, with the formation of the new Aylesbury FC they say they will lobby the council for a new ground, that’s great news, it takes the pressure of us, so when they or even we achieve this goal, we’ll all be part of it!

I’m not motivated by money, just the challenge. The season ahead will be one of the most challenging in the history of AUFC. But we will fight on, battle each battle, with your support, will achieve and maintain our status as Aylesbury’s senior respected football club.

All our hard work, sweat and tears over the past six years will not be in vein.

And to add a couple of other points: I do read the message board, but do not post! If I did, I would have the confidence to use my own name, and be accountable for my

views and opinions.

And regarding a ‘post’ of the players not being paid…..The club is still waiting for Mark to submit the player’s final expense claim, and that’s for only one week (not two) and will be paid once the paperwork as been presented.

Both John Newman and Chris Dann have now been replaced, the search for a new Manager will commence. The search for a new home back in Aylesbury will continue.

I respect your views, appreciate your support and together will achieve what’s right, in the right way, with the history….getting AUFC back playing in Aylesbury.

You deserve it! You will get it! Keep the faith!

Graham Read


Aylesbury United Football Club


First Team Manager Position

Sunday 24 May 2009 - 3:37 pm | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Southern League Division One club Aylesbury United are looking to appoint a new manager for the forthcoming season.

The applicant should preferably have proven experience of running a team on a tight budget, and will ideally have good contacts within the game.

Aylesbury are currently 'homeless' and will be playing home matches at Leighton Town FC.

Interested parties should contact by email in the first instance on

The club anticipate holding interviews early in June.


Mark Eaton Resigns As Manager

Friday 22 May 2009 - 4:11 pm | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | One comment |

Aylesbury United manager Mark Eaton has this afternoon tendered his resignation to the club.

Like most other clubs at this level, Aylesbury will be operating with a reduced playing budget for next season, and unfortunately Mark feels that he cannot work within such constraints.

We would like to thank Mark for all his hard work during his three years at the club.

With assistant manager Mark Jones also leaving, Aylesbury United will now be looking to appoint a new management team and more details will follow when available.


New General Secretary Required

Tuesday 19 May 2009 - 6:25 pm | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | No comments |

Aylesbury United Football Club are seeking to appoint a new general secretary following the departure of Chris Dann.

Chris is relocating to the North of the country following three years in the post with Aylesbury and we wish him all the best.

Anyone who knows him will know of his complete dedication and hard work with both the Ducks and Aston Clinton FC, and he will be much missed within the local footballing community.

The committee of Aylesbury United would like to personally thank Chris for all his hard work and the excellent job done in difficult conditions over his three years.

The club are now searching for a new general secretary. The position involves carrying out general correspondance and administration for the football club, including player registrations and such tasks.

A suitable person would have access to a telephone and email for sending and receiving correspondance, and be able to dedicate the time ncessary for the position.

Although the role is voluntary, the new general secretary will be admitted to all Aylesbury United matches for free and will be heavily involved with football club matters.

For further details or to express an interest please contact by email on: or in writing to:

Aylesbury United Football Club

White Chimneys



MK18 3NJ


Official Club Statement

Monday 11 May 2009 - 08:38 am | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | Four comments |

Troubles? Turmoil? Demise? Panic? Crisis……What Crisis?

Just to try and put everybody’s mind at ease, both ‘Speculators’ and ‘Spectators’ alike.

Aylesbury United has been around for 112 years and will remain to be whilst I’m in charge and have the full backing of the committee. All the rumours / messages posted on the notice board recently, mostly negative, are due to the lack of knowledge and ‘Official’ statements / information being released by the Club.

From the supporter’s point of view everything seemed to be fine, but once John Newman announced his departure, then us not agreeing the Chesham ground share deal - the club was in freefall. - Wrong!

I have a very strong and supportive committee, plus many other dedicated helpers (who I would personally like to thank). That have worked their socks off for the club, and confirmed that they will continue to do so.

There have been many offers of additional help from supporters, and I’m pleased to say a number of ‘old timers’ returning to help fight the cause. Hopefully we can all meet up and exchange ideas and thoughts.

So what has changed?

John Newman replaced by Ken Turnball. Ken (An AUFC stalwart) has been appointed Vice Chairman, and already has had a major impact.

Ground sharing at Chesham. We were unable to achieve a deal that was right for AUFC to play at Chesham for next season. I asked and amended the contract and sent it back to Charles Manchester for approval, he didn't like it, we couldn't afford it, and so we had to leave. Therefore an alternate ground needed to be found for the forthcoming season.

Our search for a new home back to Aylesbury will continue. I for one would not rule out a future ground share at Haywoods Way if the facilities were up to 'Southern League standard'.

As I stated earlier Ken stepped in to help with the negotiations with Leighton and completed a deal within days! So next season we will be playing at Leighton.

The official line on Mark Eaton. He has not resigned; we have not sacked him, so business as usual. Mark has committed himself to AUFC for next season, but is not happy to work on a reduced budget, but nevertheless did not give any signals that he intends to leave.

On the other hand, Mark Jones did inform me that he would be leaving to go back to Oxford City next season.

With regards to sponsorship next season. Yes, we will have a problem with finances being tight, but I imagine this will be the case with most other clubs.


We have a Vice Chairman. A Groundshare agreement in place and a Manager

Troubles? Turmoil? Demise ? Panic? Crisis……No different from what I've experienced over the past seven years at the helm of Aylesbury United Football Club.

Let's remain positive. Be Strong. Support us as you do, when you can, and in return we will endeavour to deliver the best we can for you, YOUR club and Aylesbury.

Graham Read


Aylesbury United Football Club


Groundshare Deal Agreed

Friday 08 May 2009 - 10:46 am | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | No comments |

Aylesbury United are pleased to announce that a groundsharing deal has been agreed with Leighton Town for the 2009/10 season.

The Ducks had been looking for a new home ground following their departure from Chesham United at the end of last season.

The committee and directors of Aylesbury United would like to thank Ian McGregor and the committee at Leighton for their support and understanding in working with us to agree a favourable deal.


Aylesbury United to Feature at College Sports Fun Day

Thursday 07 May 2009 - 10:34 am | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | One comment |

Aylesbury United will be appearing at the Aylesbury College Sports Fun Day today.

The event runs between 11am and 5pm in the College Atrium where the Ducks will have a stall promoting the club.

On display will be some historical memorabilia, DVDs of the club's big moments, as well as a raffle with the top prize being a hospitality package at an Aylesbury United matchday.

Please come along and show your support!

For more details see the Aylesbury College Website


End of Season Update from Mark Eaton

Saturday 02 May 2009 - 09:58 am | Added by: Admin to First Team, Club News | No comments |

Manager Mark Eaton has written an assessment of the campaign now the end of season has arrived.

Click here: From The Management