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Alistair MacLaren has once again been chatting with caretaker manager Danny Nicholls:

What were your thoughts on yesterdays game against Solihull Borough in the FA Trophy?

I thought that we started very brightly, playing our new system 3-5-2. Overall very pleased with the result, it was a good cup game. Matt Hayward and Kai Ridley played very well. At halftime, although we were 1-0 down, we were confident that we would win the game.

I thought that Kai Ridley was very impressive on his return, did he boost the defence?

Yes definitely, it meant that we had three central defenders, which allowed us to play the new system, but it has to be said the whole team worked very hard.

Why was Stuart Smeathers substituted early in the game, was it an injury problem?

No, he has been out for a few games and seemed to be lacking energy and sharpness.

What did you think of the referee and his style of running?

Absolutely shocking. He was not fit and embarrassing at this level, the Solihull manager was not impressed either.

Were there any injury problems after the game on Saturday?

Paul Lamb was still having problems with his toe injury from the previous game but worked very hard, as did Greg Williams.

Is it true that Liam Folds has signed?

Yes he has signed for us and will be training on Tuesday evening with our squad. He?s a good central defender and midfield player. As far as the wages are concerned we will not be paying the sort of money that he has been earning, he wants to play for Aylesbury United, and for me.

The last time we spoke you confirmed that a seven day approach had been made for Gavin Jaggard from Hitchin, any further news?

Yes he has signed and will also be training on Tuesday evening. He is a good target player and is capable of holding the ball, which is what we need. In addition to playing for Hitchin he has played for Bedford and Leighton Town.

What was the outcome of the game that you were watching last Tuesday?

Nothing at this stage, the player that I went to watch came on a sub with 15 minuets left, then the game was abandoned because of fog.

Leon Gutzmore?s suspension has now been completed, is he still going to be playing for us?

Yes he has indicated that he wants to continue playing for us.

Among the players that were signed by the club from a lower level is Jack Rashid, he did play for Bedford before so does that mean that you were aware of his quality.

Yes, because he was playing for Bedford when I was also playing for them so I was aware of what he is capable of.

What are your thoughts on the draw for the FA Trophy, Staines Town away, taking into account the connections with Aylesbury United?

I?m very pleased with the draw because with all the added connections with both clubs makes it easy for me to motivate our players. It also makes for a great day for the fans, so long as we win!

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