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Second Update from Lee Bircham

Friday 11 January 2013 - 1:51 pm | Added by: Admin to Club News, First Team | One comment |

Lee Bircham has sent as a second update having seen the surgeon after his serious injury:

"I've just seen the surgeon. He seemed quite happy with it – more happy than me anyway!

Verdict was it was a clean break. They have put a metal rod in now through the tibia bone via the knee and then screwed this all into place. A bionic bone so I'm gonna cause murder going through customs now!!

He did tell me that the pain is gonna get worse before it gets better (great!!) and the swelling will also get worse before it gets better.

Been told the Physio is due up this afternoon to get me using crutches properly and avoiding weight on my right side. The words used were "make sure you give the morphine a good go before we try it&qupt;. BLIMEY!

I might possibly be out tomorrow fingers crossed. Just feel really guilty as my wife Nicola is 5 months pregnant at the moment and what with my daughter Lilly who's 6 and my boy Alfie who's 2, I bet she could really do without another "kid" to look after. She of course hasn't said this but still makes me feel bad.

The doctor said I will be unable to work (I'm a self employed electrician) for 3 months which is a headache but not the end of the world (might even get to play Championship manager which I haven't played for about 15 years!) and then back training and playing within 6 months which really pleased me.

Obviously now gotta convince the gaffer Joycey that I'm worth another "look at" in pre season what with my bionic leg an all!

I would just like to give my Dad a special mention as he was there watching and it must have been very traumatic for him to see his son in pain like that and feel totally helpless. I don't like giving him any credit (as according to him I haven't had 1 good game in 25 odd years) but he was immense for me that night in hospital when it was a total shambles!

Thanks again to everyone.

Lots of love



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