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Paul Curtis on Pre-Season

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Alistair MacLaren has been in touch with manager Paul Curtis, discussing player comings and goings and his thoughts on pre-season.

Q. Is there any truth in the rumour that Danny Gordon is going to sign for Staines Town for the new season.

A. Yes, although Danny did commit himself to Aylesbury United after the end of last season, he was not named to play in the forthcoming friendly matches because of the injury suffered at the end of last season. However I recently received a phone call from Danny to say that he would not be playing for us after all, and has gone to Staines. If players agree to sign then it is expected that they will honour that agreement.

Q. We have seen the list of players likely to be involved in the pre-season frienndlies. Can you confirm who have already signed contracts with us?

A. None have signed at present as we do not have the League Papers, it is likely to be the end of next week before we receive those papers. Agreements have been struck with some players.

Q.The next few questions are about some of the players listed above, those that most of us do not know about. Who did Meshach Cole play for, and what is his role.

A. Buckingham Town as a striker.

Q. What team did Neil Champelovier play for and what is his position.

A. Northampton Town, he is a midfielder.

Q. What does Paul Lamb have to provide for us.

A. He has played in the Ryman League as a midfielder.

Q. Another player that is currently involved with the club is Dean Cracknell, what is his background.

A. He has been on the books of Northampton, and for a spell last season Stevenage Borough.

Q. Stuart Smithers is a player that I have not heard of, what background does he have, and who has he played for.

A. He has played for Raunds, and would be classed as a utility player.

Q. It has been rumoured that Leon Gutzmore has been training with Dunstable Town, is that correct?

A. Not as far as I know, he has attended three out of four of our training sessions so far, and has agreed to sign. It has to be said at this time of year many players will miss training sessions due to other events, i.e. weddings and holidays.

Q. A player that is not listed above is Lewis Pilgrim, there have been rumours that he might be signing elsewhere, what is the situation involving him?

A. I have had no discussions with Lewis Pilgrim about signing for Aylesbury United, although I do know him. I am puzzled why he is thought to have been one of our potential signings.

Q. Are you negotiating with any other players that have not been mentioned yet, with a view to signing?

A. Yes I am in discussion with 4 other players who I would like to sign, one in particular, although the budget will not stretch to signing all of them, although I can't give any names at this stage.

Q. When did training start for the new season, and how has gone so far?

A. Last Saturday, 3rd July, and has gone very well so far.

Q. Some of the players that were with the club last season have not been mentioned so far, I am wondering what the situation is as far as they are concerned?

A. I have heard nothing from Nadim Akhtar, so I assume he is back in Romania. Matt Brandish will not be signing, although he probably would if we could offer more money. Kevin Davies is currently training with Crawley. If things don't work out for him there he may be interested in re-joining us. Although we aren't really in a position to have two quality goalkeepers on the books. It is possible that Leigh Meddows may yet sign for us, but Erkan Okay and Jamie Moss have definitely left the club.

Q. The Budget that you have has often been referred to since your early days, is it any better for this season?

A. Yes it is significantly better. When I took the job last season I had instructions to continue using the players that were already involved, and not to bring in any players if it involved additional expenditure.

Q. One player not discussed so far is Ryan Wiffin.

It is intended the Ryan Wiffin will play as a central defender in some of the pre season friendly matches to see how he performs, although in the first game he will probably play as a striker.


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