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21CD 50:50 Draw - Join Today!

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What is the 21CD 50:50 Draw?


The 21CD 50:50 Draw is a membership scheme whereby each member purchases a ticket for a small fee each month and is a fantastic way to support the club. Each member is allocated their own unique number for each ticket they purchase. A draw is made every month, with the owner of the drawn number winning the prize! Left over funds are then donated to the club by 21CD.

What can I win?


21CD 50:50 Draw minimum prize is as follows:

1st Prize: £100

However, the size of the prize is dictated by how many people join the draw.

Under the rules for the Draw, 21CD are committed to pay out 50% of the income in prizes. Amounts payable will be reviewed on an ongoing basis as membership levels vary.

How much does it cost?


The scheme costs just £5 per month to join (£1.25 per week), payable either as a monthly Standing Order from member's bank accounts, or by cheque for £60 per ticket purchased covering 12 months.

How do I join?


Simple - follow the instructions here: 50-50 Draw | Aylesbury United FC