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Please do not rely on the information contained here, and double check all details with the relevant sources first, particularly regarding disciplinary information.


We are thankful to the following for their contributions to the Aylesbury United website. If you are listed below, but would prefer your work not to be featured here, please email luke@aylesburyunitedfc.co.uk.

  • Luke Brown Overall editor
  • Leon O'Sullivan Match reports
  • Steve Baker Match reports
  • Ian Pluck Match reports
  • Matthew Doherty Match reports
  • Dave Gamage Historical match reports
  • David 'Brains' Figg Historical information, match reports
  • Andy Irvine Early historical information and statistics
  • Mike Snell Matchday photographs
  • Andy Fitzsimons Matchday photographs
  • www.hertfordtownfc.co.uk Hertford Town player profiles and photos
  • www.levgreenfc.co.uk Leverstock Green player profiles and photos