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The Evo-Stik League South

Old Squad Pictures

This page showcases previous squad photos which have been taken throughout the club's history.

If you have any additional squad pictures to contribute to this section, please get in touch via e-mail on luke@aylesburyunitedfc.co.uk


This squad picture was featured alongside an article about the opening of the club's new Wendover Road stadium. The club moved into their new home from the old Printing Works ground in 1935, playing their first match there against Hoxton Manor in the Spartan League.


This picture was taken after the last match of the 1947/48 season, a 3-0 win over Pinner.

Players: Back row left to right: Frank Condron, Alf Thurston, Fred Woodburn, Bill Fuller, Norman Dymock, Richie Straczek

Front row left to right: Bruno Habowski, Frankie Steglinski, Don Ingle, Billy Pickering, Albert Sear


This picture shows the Bucks Advertiser photographer Alec Weston just about to snap the Aylesbury United squad.

Back row: Joe Scott, Den Lightfoot, Henry Wegrzyk, Frankie Steglinski

Front row: Bruno Habowski, Norman Dymock, Richie Straczek, Jimmy Jones, Tom Murphy, Henryk Lewandowski, Albert Sear



The first picture was a souvenir photo which appeared in the programme for the match against Watford in the FA Cup 1st Round.

Back row: Bill Jackman (Chairman), Dave Gilbert, Richie Straczek, Payne, Jimmy Jones, F.Brockes (Asst Sec), George Jackson, Fred Gearing, Frank Sheffield (vice Chairman).

Front row: Bruno Habowski, P.McCullum, Eric Wells, Les Winning, Ken Brazier, Norman Dymock

The second picture was taken towards the end of the season, in March.

Back row: Fred Gearing, George Jackson, Les Winning, Jimmy Jones, Ken Brazier, Richie Straczek

Front row: Bruno Habowski, Jock McCullum, Frank Avery, Dave Gilbert, Den Lucas


The pictured team is the one which started the season.

Back row: Brian King, Ken Brazier, Terry Williams, Stan Mikula, Bruno Habowski

Front row: Horace King, Les Winning, Dave Gilbert, Jimmy Jones, Johnny Hayward, Karl Gacki

The second picture dates from sometime in 1953, the only known player being Eric Wells, who is on the far right of the bottom row.


The picture shows the team as Delphian League Champions.

Back row: George Terpilowski, Geoff Halward, Fred Gearing, Dick Blake, Ken Brazier, Geordie Walton

Front row: Ray Mabbutt, Abel Comben, Ivor Harper, Peter Watts, Colin Brown









Back row: Steve Clark, Greg Williams, David Lovell, Peter Risley

Middle row: Jon Hay (Physio), Scott Bennetts, David Tregurtha, Scott Honeyball, Peter Clifford, Chris Bangura, Danny Gordon, Tyrone Matthews (Physio), Ron Schmidt (Kit Man)

Front row: Dwight Marshall, Ollie Stanbridge, Stuart Maynard, Cliff Hercules (Manager), Floyd Street (Assistant Manager), Dwain Clark, Enzo Silvestri, Frank McCormack


Back row: Sam Sloma, Kezie Ibe, Danny Gordon, Lewis Pritchard, Stewart Corbould, Rory Hunter, John Marsh, Danny Gray, Dwight Marshall

Middle row: Peter Remnant (Reserve manager), Jon Hay (Physio), Roni Joe, Steve McGrath, Gareth Risbridger, Phil Dicker, Chris Bangura, Tony Houghton, John Winter, Danny Grimsdell, Fiston Manuella, Ron Schmidt (Kit Man), Peter Wright (Director of Football)

Front line: Greg Williams, Gary McCann, Scott Honeyball, Steve Cordery (Manager), Craig Maskell (Player/Assistant Manager), Adam Campion, Adam Wheeler, Mark Burgess


Although no official squad photo was taken for season 2003-04, this picture was taken at Hornchurch in January by one half of the caretaker management team, Peter Remnant.

Back row: John Winter, Jamie Moss, Aaran Cavill, Lewis Pritchard, Danny Gordon, Dean Powles, Kevin Davies, Matt Hayward, Ryan Wiffin, Simon Lacey (Caretaker Manager)

Front row: Jay Gould, Rory Hunter, John Marsh, Danny Gray, Nadim Akhtar, Aidie Corcoran


Back row: Ron Schmidt (Kit Man), Greg Williams, Dean Cracknell, Stuart Smeathers, Paul Lamb, Meshach Cole, Leon Gutzmore, Jerry Dimond (Football Development Director)

Middle Row: John Newman (Commercial Director), Jason Burnham, John Winter, Jack Rashid, Matt Hayward, Peter Smith, Ryan Wiffin, Kai Ridley, Peter Ash (Football Secretary/Groundsman)

Front Row: Gareth Styles (Sports Therapist), Kofi Sintim, Ian Brumwell, Paul Curtis (First Team Manager), Graham Read (Managing Director), Danny Nicholls (Assistant Manager), Daniel Mead, Neil Champelovier